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October 2015


Falling for Central Park

No doubt that Central Park tops every tourist’s must-do list in New York, and unlike Times Square, this one’s actually something real New Yorkers love, and love to brag about. The park spans 776 acres from Midtown’s 59th street to…

Life Stories

The Turbulence Poem

There have been COUNTLESS times where I’ve felt like I was going to die while in transit. Am I the only big scaredy cat who hates flying? Probably not. Despite most people dealing with this emotion, it’s pretty taboo…


Central Park, I can’t

Not that it’s a surprise for anyone at this point, but Central Park during Fall? Wow. Central Park retains its beauty year-round, but for those of who are recent NY-LA transplants, Central Park during the Fall really gets you right…

Life Stories Motivation

9 Signs it’s Time to Quit Your Job

Rewind six months ago and you would have seen a dark circle faced, black wearing, overworked lookin’ Jo. I was beasting through 16 hour days, five days a week at two different jobs, while trying to grow Shut Up and…

Minimalism Motivation

One Day Offline

There once was a blog I wrote called Stop Scrolling, Start Doing, which, to this day, is one my favorite posts I’ve ever written. In the post, I mentioned how annoyed I had become at myself about how I was always on…

Life Stories Minimalism

Disconnect to Reconnect

Not having a cell phone for 24 hours creates a serious case of phantom pain. My phone is just as important as another limb, and if I don’t have it, it hurts. Like, what do you mean I can’t…


SoHo Grit

I remember catching one episode of The City back in my final years of high school where Olivia Palermo, the girl the producers clearly made out to be the antagonist-villain, once said, “There are two kinds of people in New York:…


Silver Lake Swag

For the visitor wanting to experience the Los Angeles of the locals (on the East side at least) and skip out on the more tourist-heavy areas like Hollywood or Santa Monica, Silver Lake is your answer. Silver Lake, as…


Buying Flights without Breaking the Bank

I vividly remember being 14 and wanting to be that independent power woman who was glued to a carry-on suitcase shifting from one airport to the next. Then I distinctly remember being 16 and realizing that I would have to…


A Sunday in Silver Lake

Are you cool? Ok, so you’d probably like Silver Lake. Squished between two other cool hangouts Echo Park and Los Feliz, the neighborhood of Silver Lake remains king of the hipster on the West Coast. Well, as long as we…