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September 2015

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Locals of Los Angeles: Kim Valderas

Kim and I met freshman year of college back in New York – where we instantly bonded over the common theme of getting sh!t done in a timely fashion, or as we called it “making moves.” Nowadays, we’re making…


10 Ways to Actually Grow Your YouTube Channel

After what felt like 10 years, we finally hit a huge milestone for our YouTube channel: 100,000 subscribers! As you can imagine, we’re stoked and so appreciative, and we also wanted to take the time to tell you partly how…


Not Better or Worse, Just Different

Why do we constantly feel the need to compare one thing to the next? That’s as dumb as trying to fit a triangle in a square hole, it doesn’t make sense. My friends and family came to visit from the…


Let Me Go to San Diego

I finally made it to the lower part of SoCal where I’ve been meaning to go for over three years. There’s been a “thing” (not that thing like in the doo wop song) set in my mind that San…


A Thursday Night at the LA Art Walk

The words “Downtown LA” are enough to spark a reaction from any LA resident. It’s like half the city loves how it’s becoming the home base of LA’s emerging creative scene, whereas the other half remains hesitant about spending their evenings…


17 Ways to Get Over Homesickness While Abroad

You’ve been preparing for this moment for months – so stoked about visiting this foreign country and so excited about the person you will become. After all, you’ve been waiting for this moment for just how long now? You arrive on…


The Gloom of the Venice Beach Canals

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of sunlight or heat, which is why yesterday evening was an evening out of paradise for someone like me: the weather was complete gloomy marine layer status, and even a tad…

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I Go Places Alone

Maybe using a copy of my sister’s ID as an 18-year-old to explore NYC nightlife as a solo girl was a little extreme, but those nights with cheap heels on cobblestone streets taught me a lesson; when you go places…