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August 2015

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12 Tips for Going the Distance, the Long Distance

It’s Saturday morning, daylight peers through sheer curtains in your bedroom window. You’re snuggled up with your sigfig (significant other), rolling around in the bliss of morning breath, kisses, and a little bit of thigh sweat from the body pretzel you’re in…


45 Minutes at the LACMA

There’s something to love about museums – whether we get them or not – about the way they surround you with beauty and talent, provoke your way of thinking, and ok let’s be real, how most of the time, you just…


The Good Kind of Vintage at Melrose Trading Post

If there’s one thing I do not like about moving into new apartments, it’s furnishing them. Well, no, no, no – not furnishing them, but paying for the furniture. Nothing like swiping your debit card for $650 for a couch, a…


Santa Monica & Stingrays

Ever since I ran into a huge white stingray while frolicking in the Gulf of Mexico, I’ve decided I’m not a huge fan of open water – hence, why I haven’t been to the beach since I moved to…

Life Stories

What It’s Really Like to Be a Travel Blogger

It’s 7:00am. You just arrived at the train station from your overnight train, but did you even sleep? No, because who can get a good night’s sleep when you’re sleeping at 90 degree angle without a neck pillow? You…


Calanques Cool

Should you find yourself in the South of France, particularly near Marseille, for any reason whatsoever, I know of the perfect thing for you to do…and it’s even free. While the famous Vieux Port, or MuCEM, or trendy Cours Julien…