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June 2015

Locals of USA

Locals of Fort Wayne: Ben Linehan

When it comes to Fort Wayne, you tend to run into two kinds of people: those who grumble about how Fort Wayne is the most boring place in the US, and then those who believes there’s a bright future…


4 Reasons Why I Love Marseille More Than Paris

Parisians, hold your (natural) dirty look s’il vous plaît, this girl jumped ship down to the South side where the sun actually shines. It’s true, I’m betraying you, but don’t hate me. Three years ago when I studied abroad…

Accommodation Hungary

The Maverick of All Things Budapest

Even for a New Yorker, Budapest in June can feel overwhelming. Imagine this: you’re carrying three heavy bags, and after five minutes of figuring out how to buy your metro card and get past the weird turnstile-less ticket validation…


What You Should Really Do in Downtown Fort Wayne

Every time I find myself back in Fort Wayne, I spend nearly all of my time downtown, which then provokes my family to ask, “but what do you even do downtown?” Oh, what a classic Fort Wayne question to ask!…


Where to Chillout with Your Laptop in Lisbon

When you ask someone in Europe if they know of a coffee shop you can go to, they’ll think you mean “a café.” If you’re like me, that’s not what you mean. There is nothing wrong with enjoying your…


My first trip to the Portuguese Supermarket

I have a thing with grocery stores – big ones, little ones, and most of all, European ones. They all seem to have a different, I don’t know, vibe to them? Hmm, it’s probably just less advertising, but every trip to…


Why We Put Ourselves Through Fear

I strongly dislike taking airplanes, it makes my palms sweat, my stomach flip, and I get anxious at least a week before heading to the airport, but yet, I travel all the time. Similar to my fear of planes,…