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May 2015


Hiking Sintra (and getting lost)

Ok, to start this post off, let me just remind you that I am not, I repeat not a fan of small towns centered around one tourist attraction; they tend to always be full of tourists. But today, I am…


5 Things You Must Do Before You Travel

1. Put a travel notice on your debit and credit cards To avoid having your heart sink to your butt because you got an “error, can’t access your funds” message in the middle of a foreign country while trying to withdraw money…


How to Spend a Day in Wicker Park

Before my next three month Eurotrip I decided to take a trip to Chicago – a city I’ve been to probably about a trillion times and also a city I have never left the downtown. Gasp! Aren’t I a…

Life Stories

Why Goodbye is Actually See You Later

Damn, I’m the tipsy girl tearing up in the middle of a bar. Classy. I didn’t mean to get emotional around my favorite New Yorkers. But there I was, in the midst of the friends I’d made who all…


How to be a Vegetarian in Fort Wayne

Being a vegetarian in the Midwest was always a bit tricky. For years in high school, my diet consisted of firm Walmart tofu and Alamo wraps from the now out-of-business House of Greens off Lima Road – shall we…