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April 2015

Life Stories USA

15 Signs You Grew Up in New Haven, Indiana

Although I no longer live in New Haven, or Fort Wayne, or Indiana for that matter, there’s always something I feel when coming back “home.” Well first, that New Haven is no longer my “home” but that it will always…

Life Stories USA

54 Things I’ll Miss About New York

Ahhhhh, so now the cat’s out of the bag; I’m leaving the city that’s given me so many great dates, drunken adventures, ridiculous jobs and internships, deep conversations, and most of all, the most exciting time of my life.…

Locals of USA

Locals of New York City: Dominique Boyer

I admit that it’s partly cheating that we’re using one of our best friends as one of our cool locals, but like, sorry we’re not sorry she’s perfect for this role! Dominique was one of our first friends we met…

Travel Guides

5 Things To Love About New Orleans

You can call it NOLA (stands for New Orleans, Louisiana, betcha didn’t know that, huh?!), N’awlins, or good ol’ New Orleans; the truth is always the same: this place puts a twinkle in my eye and has rightfully earned…


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