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March 2015

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How to Ride the NYC Subway

The New York City subway was not made for dummies. WTF is going on? Taking taxis everywhere? Fuhgettaboutit! Ain’t nobody got money for that. New York City boasts a 24-hour subway system, and we’re ready to show you how…


7 Must Eat Foods From Egypt

1. Mahshi Wara’ Inab Translation: stuffed grape leaves, and all other stuffed delights I hate capers. And no, this Egyptian food has nothing to do with capers, but for some reason, whenever I ate grape leaves in The States,…

Minimalism Motivation USA

Getting rid of all your crap

Next week, I’m moving out of the Harlem apartment I’ve leased for two and a half years and oddly, there’s nothing but one thing I am feeling right now: relief. Finally. If there’s anything that stresses out a hardcore traveler,…

Locals of USA

Locals of New York City: Shira Galler

We met Shira after googling “free coworking spaces in new york city” and going to about page five, where we found a free space called Wix Lounge in Chelsea. We used the space partly because they offered free espresso drinks, partly…

Life Stories Must-Haves

12 Realities of Being a Nomad

1. you build a “goodbye muscle” Having to say goodbye to people you fall in love with (whether platonically or romantically) without knowing if you’ll see them again is a killer, and conveniently, a reoccurring theme in a traveler’s…

Language Learning

2015 American Slang You Should Know

Somewhere in the past few years of traveling, getting rid of my television, and barely keeping up with pop culture, I fell off. Cool slang these days most often originates on the internet, which is ironic, because I spend…

Life Stories

What’s Up with the 9-5?

I’ve successfully completed my first four months in the 9-5 corporate hustle. You’re probably thinking, “Jo, you’re such a damn impostor, how can you possibly be shutting up and going if you’re shutting up and getting secretary’s butt?” Hold your…