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January 2015

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American Food I Always Miss While Abroad

When I’m not sure what to do when I’m traveling, I pull a classic Damon Dominique, go to the grocery store, and then have the same realization nearly every time: there is just some American food I will always miss while…


The aftermath of NYC’s apocalyptic, historical snowstorm Juno

I’ve lived in NYC long enough to have experienced Hurricane Irene, that one mini earthquake in lower Manhattan, Hurricane Sandy, and now, the latest storm weather outlets deemed as apocalyptic, snowstorm Juno. As a Manhattan resident, I heard it all from…


French Food I Miss Most

Now that I’ve been away from Paris for three years, it’s starting to hit me how much I miss the city, the language, and these foods I used to eat every day. YOP Chocolat When I first moved to…


Don’t go to Niagara Falls without Gloves

Niagara Falls was never really on my extremely long and a bit overwhelming list of “Places I Must Visit Before I Die,” but when a Groupon for a $49 hotel came up in my Featured Deals, I figured it…

espresso cup

NYC Coffee Shops With Couches

Finding the perfect NYC coffee shop is a struggle. Trust me, I get it. One of the first (and most important, might I add) aspects to a city, for me, is it’s coffee shop culture Now that I’ve lived four years…


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