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2015 American Slang You Should Know


Somewhere in the past few years of traveling, getting rid of my television, and barely keeping up with pop culture, I fell off. Cool slang these days most often originates on the internet, which is ironic, because I spend my entire day editing videos, blogging, and YouTubing. But after receiving hundreds of comments (thank you, by the way) of words I wasn’t even sure were English, I decided enough was enough.


Pronunciation: oh tee pee

Meaning: “One true pair” or the two people you want to be together in life, in love, or in like.

Example in a sentence: “Brangelina is now my favorite celebrity couple, but I’ve gotta say, I miss the days when Braniston were my real OTP.”

On fleek

Meaning/synonyms: Cool, off da chain, tight, on point.

Example in a sentence: “Oh my god, those jeans though? On fleek!”

Warning: You may start hearing “on fleek” in really weird ways that don’t make the slightest bit of sense, like in Nicki Minaj’s song, “Feeling myself” where she raps the lyric “Pretty on fleek.”  You figure it out.


Meaning: Liking

Example in a sentence: “Oh my god, I ship Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Actually, forget about Brangelina or Braniston, Béy and Jay are the true OTP.”

The feels

Meaning: Emotions/feelings.

Example in a sentence: “Ugh, that text message they sent me got me right in the feels.”


Pronunciation: bay

Meaning: I was convinced this one meant babe, and someone somewhere got lazy and forgot the second “b” and this slang took off, but apparently that’s actually not the case, and it means”Before anyone else” (which is technically the same thing as babe).

Example in a sentence: IN-N-OUT Burger = BAE.


Meaning: What you’re trying to do or be like. Your potential goal.

Example in a sentence: I just saw their Instagram post of their road trip. GOALS!

Warning: Most people use this simply as “GOALS” but you may see it as “ABSOLUTE GOALS” or paired with another word like “Friendship goals.”

Bye Felicia

Tone: Sassy

Meaning: Goodbye

Example in a sentence: “She was tryna cut me in line, so I was all, bye felicia, like, bye!”

Throwing shade

Tone: sassy

Meaning: Giving someone a dirty look. Giving someone the stank eye.

Example in a sentence: “After I told her bye felicia, she threw me mad shade until I felt so awkward that I had to leave.”


Meaning: Greatest of all time

Use in a sentence: “This shopping center is GOAT.”

Tip: Can be modified for different adjectives; ie COAT for Coolest of All Time, BOAT for Best of All Time.

What other 2015 American slang have we missed?

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  • TJ

    Hey, love this blog! Just one quick thing. Throwing shade also means more of insulting someone in a very comical and/or hidden way. For example:
    person 1 : How does my breath smell?
    person 2: It smells like stress, struggle, and bad credit
    person 1: Wow, throwing shade like it’s sunny, I see.

    Kinda like that. Your definition is definitely still right, there’s just more to the term that I wanted to point out.

    Best wishes. <3

    • Matthew Sutton

      I thought the term “Throwing Shade” essentially meant being patronizing or condescending. At least that’s the connotation I picked up when a Millennial coworker was explaining it to me.