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October 2014

date in brooklyn
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The Perfect Date in Brooklyn for Broke People

Mesdames et Messieurs, it’s cuffing season once again. I know all you nasties are trying to bump and grind, so let me help you embrace your inner smooth criminal with this perfect Saturday date spent in Brooklyn…for broke people.…

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When I turned 23, I felt bored

When I turned 23, I felt bored. Maybe not so much bored as stale, comfortable, unexcited – which I know sounds like the typical jaded New Yorker response coming from me. It’s not because I wasn’t throwing myself a…

pumpkin picking
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Pumpkin Picking in NYC at the Queens County Farm

Don’t settle for a pumpkin spice latte… go to the source and go pumpkin picking yourself at the Queens County Farm! A short day trip from Manhattan will get you in the holiday cheer. Oh, and it’s just $2.25 to…


Explore D.C. Like a Local

Alex, our couchsurfing host, hooks us up with a free ride, and a tour of DC the way locals do DC. Oh, and count how many times Jo says the word “bacon” in this video.   [BigMailChimp list=1]  …

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My Life as a TV Extra

When I tell people I’ve been an extra on Orange is the New Black, the first thing they ask me is, “OH MY GAWD, DID YOU SEE THE STARS?” And I tell them, “Yes…after waiting in Holding for seven…


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