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July 2014

brazilians frollicking on the beach
Episodes Language Learning

Portuguese Slang for Newbies

No one needs to be sounding like Mr. Roboto when speaking a foreign language… which is exactly why we’re giving you the slang terms you need to know to be speaking to Brazilians in Portuguese. Just cause we sucked…

kayaking on the hudson

Where to Go Kayaking Fo’ Free on the Hudson

A fun little fact that you tend to forget when living in Manhattan is that Manhattan is actually an island, and that it’s consequently, surrounded by water…which would lend you to believe that there must be, must be some…

champ de mars eiffel tower
Episodes France

1 Minute Climb Up the Eiffel Tower

We filmed just enough to make you get off your a$$ and want to take the stairs up the Eiffel Tower yourself. At a first glance of the Eiffel Tower prices you’ll notice that taking the elevator can be a a threat…

Travel Guides USA

What to (Actually) Do When You Get to Brooklyn

When you live in New York City, you’ll quickly learn that people love to say things like “Brooklyn is the new Manhattan,” or “Bushwick is so up-and-coming.” For out-of-towners, or even for New Yorkers, the truth is, you’re probably…


10 Things You Can’t Go to a Hostel Without

As a college graduation gift to our damn selves, my three best girl friends and I decided to book a trip to Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, and Egypt. As a wise young man by the name of Drizzy Drake…

Travel Guides

The Five Ways I Did Rome on the Cheap

Cappuccinos, Pizza, and Gelato pretty much sum up the last ten days of my life since coming to Roma for a backpacking trip with my girlfriends. I thought Paris was my “main squeeze” in Europe, but I quickly found…